By implementing office hoteling or free-address solutions that allow employees to reserve a workspace or conference room, companies can eliminate many of their underused workspaces and the cost to maintain them. Also, in order to deliver the right amount of office space at the right time, it is important to know how much space is actually needed versus just allocated.  To accomplish this, you need the right technology that is easy to use and adaptable to your business goals.

See a live demo of OnBoard and discover how to easy it is for your people to find and reserve the best place to work and meet through a variety of user interfaces. You’ll also get a sneak peek at our workplace analytics tool, Commander BI.  
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  • Reserve and manage permanent and shared workspaces
  • Support meeting room reservations from desktop, smart phones, digital signage and MS Exchange
  • Make informed decisions and understand how your space is being used with actual utilization data

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Live Demo: AgilQuest’s Workplace Management & Measurement Software

May 24, 1:00pm EST

AgilQuest Presenters:
Shane Dowler
Jay Sowers
Jessica Debus

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