Live Demo: AgilQuest’s  New, Cloud-Based, Multi-sided, SaaS platform

July 25th, 1:00pm EST

AgilQuest is getting ready to bring the "sharing economy" to the workplace with the upcoming launch of our new cloud-based, multi-sided platform! AgilQuest connects people to place, equipping them with freedom to choose the resources they need to collaborate, innovate and be productive inside the office or offsite. For asset owners, AgilQuest optimizes your workplace ecosystem and monetizes excess capacity into millions in unrealized revenue. 

During the webinar we will provide a tour of our latest cloud-based multi-sided, SaaS platform that removes real estate as a barrier to collaboration, whether that’s between departments or between companies!

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  • Reserve and manage permanent and shared workspaces
  • Build interfaces and integrations to all manner of devices, apps, and systems with a fully documented RESTful API
  • Make informed decisions and understand how your space is being used with actual utilization data

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AgilQuest Presenters:
Shane Dowler
Jay Sowers
Jessica Debus

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