Booz Allen Hamilton Case Study -
Integrating People, Space, and Technology

Download the full Case Study here to learn more about how Booz Allen spent the last decade building a flexible work strategy that supports innovation and reduces real estate costs.
After watching the short video case study, read the full story to see how Booz Allen's flexible work strategy and work environments support innovation and more engaged employees.  Find out how they reduced real estate costs and carbon footprint in the process, even with the addition of an Innovation Center in downtown Washington, D.C. 

Here is a sneak peak at the contents of this case study:
  • The strategy behind Booz Allen's Flexible approach to work
  • A solution that integrates people, space and technology
  • Setting the conditions for innovation to happen and people to thrive
  • What's next for Booz Allen: The Innovation Center and beyond

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*Video and written case study were produced by Work Design Magazine

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