Torrance Houlihan, VP of Product at AgilQuest, is excited to unveil the newest capabilities that truly bring the Sharing Economy to the Workplace, including support for:
  • Corporate to Coworking with access to an extended network of space
  • Management and measurement of Tenant amenities for Landlords and Building Managers
  • Streamline University room booking across all departments and colleges
  • Connected space among a trusted community of organizations
Whether you are offering more freedom and flexibility to your employees, an enhanced experience for your tenants, or manage shared space across multiple facilities or organizations, the Forum is the only platform that can manage and measure it all in one place.    
Find out what this could mean for your people, your organization and your buildings in the upcoming webinar on December 6.  

Hold your seat now for the live webinar! 

Thursday December 6th, 1:00 PM ET

Forum Live Demo Webinar

Removing Barriers to Connected Communities

See how the Forum is breaking through walls to connect communities and build the workplace of the future

Something fundamentally new is coming to the market. Join us on December 6 as we reveal why the Forum is the only platform that can break down physical workplace boundaries and connect communities through a network of space, to drive collaboration both inside and outside the workplace. 

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